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What about the Groom?

Apr 29, 2016

With all the attention focused on the bride, we ask, what about the groom? Style trends are changing for men’s wedding fashions and today’s grooms are putting their own style and flair into their very special and important day. It’s their day too.  Grooms are no longer staying with the traditional black or blue tuxedos or suits. The modern groom and his groomsmen are not afraid to break away from the traditional old school ways to try something new and more personalized.

A few things to keep in mind as you decide on your style are the time of year, and of course, coordinating with your bride, so that everyone in the bridal party compliments each other. Pops of color are a great way to add flair into your attire. You can go as simple as wearing brightly colored socks or mixing up the pocket squares as well as your tie pattern and colors. Summer is a great time to lighten up, wear lighter colors, and do away with the suit or tuxedo jacket. Roll up your sleeves and have fun with a mix and match style. A great way to contrast is with textures, colors, and patterns. Set yourself apart from the groomsmen and wear a different color suit. Don’t forget ……it’s your day too.

Looking for a more formal with a twist? It’s not every day you get to dress up and put on a suit. Three piece suits are very popular right now. They are sophisticated and allow you to play with the many combinations they have to offer.

Accessorize! No, it’s not just for the ladies; men are finding their own way to accessorize as well. There are so many options to choose from.  Where do you start? Let’s start at the top and work our way down.

Hats are great if they suit you, but beware of hat hair. Hat hair never looks good, especially on your big day. Sunglasses are fun for those groomsmen shots and come in handy for summertime weddings. Boutonnieres are a great way to add some personality into your look. They don’t have to be flowers. Get creative and tie your theme into your lapel wear.

Unleash the superhero in you and sport your favorite superhero cufflinks. You and the groomsmen will be a hit at the party and it’s a “marvelous” gift for the character in you and all of your friends! Socks and shoes are a very popular way to express your personality.Socks can be bold with a little peek- a-boo showing. Shoes on the other hand can be casual such as sneakers and boots, for a more casual look, or dress to impress with loafers and winged tip shoes.

Ultimately, there are no rules, so, remember to embrace your personal style and don’t be afraid to rock your look!


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