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Eat Drink and Relax

Jul 8, 2016

Gone are the days of traditional rehearsal dinners. These days rehearsal dinners are more relaxed and casual. It’s the perfect time to catch up with family and friends before the big day.

Traditionally the groom’s parents arrange the rehearsal dinner and it is held after the ceremony rehearsal. The couple, bridal party, parents and key players of the wedding are all invited to the dinner. Hosting the dinner in a casual setting allows everyone to relax, loosen up and enjoy themselves. Rethink the typical setting and go for something a little more inventive. Many are hosting the dinner right at home with a backyard BBQ or maybe having a fun theme such as a Casino night, a wine or beer pairing or a lobster bake dinner. There are so many cool and fun ideas and everyone knows, this is where the real party starts! relax


No rules govern rehearsal dinners, but typically the couple will thank everyone for their contributions to the wedding and offer small gifts of appreciation. Toasts are typically offered, but more spontaneous and fun or maybe a video presentation of the couple and their journey together leading to the wedding day. The most important thing to remember, no matter how lavish or casual you decide, it’s about you and your family and friends. So why not relax and, let your hair down? With very little effort, you can assemble a pre-wedding event that provides some much-needed calm before the busy storm of your wedding weekend.

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