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Cheers! Wedding Toast Advice

Sep 24, 2016

You were asked to play a major part in the wedding and now it’s time to give a wedding toast. No need to worry, we have several tips for you to keep in mind when giving your speech.

wedding toast
  1. Be brief, no more than a few minutes. A great speech should be kept short and sweet. It’s very tempting to go on in length about the couple and tell many stories, but it is better to knock it out of the park with something short and entertaining, than put the guests to sleep.
  2. If you are not entirely comfortable with speaking in front of a group, be sure to rehearse your speech a few times. It will help get the jitters out and ultimately flow smoothly.
  3. Getting the crowds attention. Stand beside the couple and avoid tapping your glass, simply speak clearly and loudly. Amusing stories about the bride and groom are fine, avoid going off on a tangent, stick to the script. Keep it light and clean, remember this is a wedding not a roast!
  4. The ending. When done, raise your glass to the couple and end with a simple little wish or blessing.

 Follow these easy steps and you you’ll be sure to write a meaningful, entertaining and heartfelt toast to honor the happy couple on their special day!

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