Phoenixville Foundry - What to Expect for your Wedding Day Celebration at Phoenixville Foundry


What to Expect for your Wedding Day Celebration at Phoenixville Foundry

May 16, 2014

We understand that although this is a very exciting time, it can be somewhat overwhelming.

Our mission is to provide you with everything you need, so from the start you have the tools necessary to make choices that remain consistent with your vision.  To that end, we will listen to your thoughts intently, share some of the culinary packages that have been prepared by our catering teams with a little guidance from you on your culinary style, and guide you through the process of planning a spectacular wedding day celebration.

Phoenixville Foundry is committed to providing outstanding service, and unparalleled atmosphere that one would expect for such an important occasion. We take great pride in our outstanding reviews from previous bridal families, the modern conveniences offered, and our event management teams planning background. Our entire facility was created to provide every amenity expected in a premier historic, and yes “Industrial Chic” venue.

Understanding the value of providing important components, that can often be taken for granted, arising later as an additional cost.  Phoenixville Foundry was developed to eliminate those unforeseen costs, and offers considerable value. State-of-the-art, sound, lighting, and design provide a distinct advantage. Our striking  modern amenities along with a dramatic lighting system throughout the interior and exterior offers a chic romantic environment.

Multiple locations for the ceremony are offered on site with no additional fee, and rehearsals are scheduled and directed all as a part of our commitment to a flawless experience. Coordination, and planning are a significant part of making your day perfect, and our team provides the experienced guidance to ensure nothing is left to chance. Guest will be welcomed on property with complimentary directional parking, and clean well lit lots are monitored throughout the length of the event.

Each of these elements are designed to give you, and your family peace of mind, so the day can be enjoyable, and stress free.

We also recognize the sheer volume of information you receive as you begin the planning process, and are prepared to help you navigate through each of these important steps.

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