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Industrial Chic Wedding Ideas

Dec 14, 2020

Nathan Desch Photography

As the premier industrial chic wedding venue right outside Philadelphia, the team at Phoenixville Foundry know their way around this growing wedding trend. What is industrial chic, you ask? It’s modern blended with antiquity, characterized by exposed brick, concrete, metal frames and an overall urban feel. For those of you who have already visited us at the Phoenixville Foundry, you know that we are all of those things and more!

We are excited to share our favorite industrial chic wedding planning tips with you, because naturally, it’s one of our favorite styles. Let’s dive in!

Industrial Chic Colors in Philadelphia

The color palette for an industrial chic wedding is flexible. Since a typical industrial chic venue is a blank canvas, you can go as neutral or bold as you’d like or combine the two! Here are a few of our favorite combinations:

  • Pink | Dusty Blue | Lavender | Rose Gold
  • Dark Green | Ruby | Gray
  • Dark Purple | Black | Gold
Industrial Chic Colors Dusty Blue

Ashley Gerrity Photography

Industrial Chic Wedding Decorations

When planning your industrial chic décor, consider using the venue as your inspiration. Metals, glass, unique lighting and vintage accents are all options that allow creativity and organically enhance the venue.

  • Mirror signage with gold frames
  • Vintage couches transforming corners into cozy lounge seating areas
  • Simple ceremony arbor made with copper pipes, accentuated with greenery and floral, candles surrounding
  • Marketplace lighting
  • Greenery runner with metallic mercury votives and candles
  • Hanging accents like floral chandeliers or geometric terrariums filled with florals
  • Wooden ladders to display food and favors covered in greenery and candles
  • Marquee letters with your initials
  • Ceramic vases dipped in metallic paint filled with florals
  • Geometric candelabras
Marketplace Lighting at Foundry Wedding

Salt and Sonder Studio

Industrial Chic Wedding Centerpieces

One of the ways to make your industrial wedding even more chic is through table design. Start with selecting long wood tables instead of using standard rounds for your guest seating. Then, use runners to add texture and change out the standard silverware for copper or pewter. From there, mix up your tablescapes with varied centerpieces that match your theme! Here are a few fun ideas:

  • Wine bottles spray painted metallic colors with candle sticks inside
  • Gold terrariums filled with succulents surrounded by floral arrangements in vintage glassware
  • Brushed metal table numbers with floral arrangements
  • Hurricane vases filled with mini lightbulbs, topped with floral arrangements
  • Cinderblocks filled with florals and brushed with metallic paint
  • Brown growlers filled with blooms
  • Black painted metal birdcages or lanterns filled with candles inside a wreath of greenery
  • Tin cans, some painted and some neutral, filled with wildflowers
Brushed metal table numbers with floral arrangements

Christie Green Photography

Industrial Chic Photos at Phoenixville Foundry

Phoenixville Foundry has been a staple in the Phoenixville community since its inception in the 1800s. The history is rich and lends perfectly to that industrial chic vibe through its unique design. Couples love the exposed brick accents and exterior, the steel truss work accenting the high ceilings that’s complemented by modernized light fixtures and just generally the mesh of old and new. In a way, weddings at Phoenixville Foundry are a perfect symbol of stepping from your “old lives” into your new married life together!

Favorite spots for photos include the steel bridge outside the main building, against the brick facade, between the stunning original cupola furnaces and the mezzanine overlooking the Cupola Ballroom. The options are vast when it comes to taking perfect industrial photos on-site!

Industrial Bridge for Industrial Couple Photoshoots

Campli Photography

Industrial Bridge for Industrial Couple Photoshoots

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The venue has been through many stages in its lifetime, which shines through boldly at each event we host. If you want to learn more about the history and what makes the venue so unique, especially for an industrial chic wedding, check out this post.

Are you inspired to bring your own dream industrial glam wedding to fruition? Let’s get planning! We can start with a tour to really showcase those industrial elements that make Phoenixville Foundry oh so special.

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